Friday, April 22, 2011


When I turned the big 50 I decided not to have anything in my house that meant hard work and too much cleaning ( I had been done that road before ) When we renovated I thought long and hard about putting in my dream a chandelier. I went ahead much too the dismay of my family. Today I was on the ladder giving my chandelier it's monthly clean and thought this hasn't turned into a decorating disaster but a real pleasure I use it everyday and just love it. So if you want a chandelier in your bathroom just do it.


Very nicely done

This is my favourite space seems to have a little more warmth to it.

Don't like this kitchen at all.

Love the quirk bits in this bedroom
I really feel a house needs a sense of fun


This house was built in the 80's oh how I so wanted to build there back then but it was so out of our price range. The owner's have done great things to update the house.


I found this lovely home for sale in Millswood a suburb of Adelaide although I don't think it's me it is hard not to really appreciate the beautiful style very now

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wild Wild Life

I haven't posted for a while. I thought I'd show you some of our visiting wildlife. Mr Koala visited us in the park across the road and the White Cockatoo happily munched away in the pine trees at the back of our home.We only live about 20 minutes from Adelaide but along a fabulous green corridor into the city which is attracting more and more wildlife.