Friday, December 23, 2011

These 3 bears represent my family as we head off for a Christmas Holiday with our family.
Have a great break everyone see you in the new year.
Kind regards 
PS: These little bears were handmade by my husband Graham for my sister who is crazy for bears.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Tree in BLACK

Here's a little tree my husband made me several years ago.I just love it .Sometimes I decorate it .This year I left it in all it's BLACK glory.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Colour and Lights

Vicki Archer of French Essence fame posted today about a colourful Xmas Tree. I love colour so a colourful Xmas is for me.
Without any further fanfare I introduce my Xmas Tree
At night it's spectacular all light up.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Can Corner

Joan over at for the love of a house prompted this post. I have hit a design slump and really need a design for a cupboard in the corner of my family room. We intend to incorporate the fridge in one side of the cupboard and on the other side of the cupboard storage for cans and bottles. The fridge will move over and be on the right hand side of the cupboard.I didn't want to build in our bar fridge in the original cabinet but wanted something free standing so it didn't look like a mini kitchen.This wall is what you see from my kitchen.SO HELP I CAN'T STAND THIS UGLINESS>
I really have neglected my blog but so much is happening here.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Something I'm working on

Here's a little something I'm painting at the moment just needs the finishing touches.

Changing the Look

This silk ribbon embrodiery hangs on the wall in our bedroom. It is one off several I have stitched.

Our bedroom last Summer .I was sick of the curtains. I spied a replacement fabric at work ( did I mention I sell curtains ) purchased some and made new curtain s and recovered the pelment this is how it looked for winter. Off course I want to change again.

The bedhead is the first thing Graham and I made years ago. I still love it but I have purchased some fabric to have ago at an upholstered bedhead.

A view through our window

The beautiful doorway from the bedroom areas into the kitchen living areas I designed and painted it .My talented husband made it .The curved piece gave him a bit of grief as he had to laminate 6 thin pieces of wood together and then bend them . As always he worked it out he repeated the process for another door between our kitchen and laundry that one doesn't have glass inserts just solid wood.

This was my Grandma's chair

Just some trinkets.The paper weight was a gift.I'd love a more casual look for our upcoming spring summer just not sure how to get it.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Random Inspiration

Here are some of the photo's I have saved for inspiration. Not exactly on trend but I love them
Why do I love them? What's the common thread?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Dining Room

These are the steps leading into my Kitchen. The sliding doors on the left lead out to an undercover outdoor entertaining area

My powder room leads off the dining room The vanity is I painted in milk paint I love it's soft mottled look

The Mirror is the third I've had in this room (the last one fell off the wall when it's hanging wire broke )

The clock I painted

This isn't a particularly good photo but it's off a replica cannon (one of 4 my husband made )

The table was originally our outdoor table ( made by hubby ) when we built the room I wanted it brought inside we have had so many fabulous diners around this table with it seating as many as 14 people.

The door on the right hand side leads to my store room and then through to the powder room.The triangular window looks up into the pine trees behind us.

The is my dinning room we built this room on 14 years ago. My husband was diagnosed with throat cancer ( he was a non smoker )and we need something else to focus on rather than the treatment and endless doctors appointments. He was exhaust a lot of the time but somehow he just keep going and I believe this really helped him to cope We did most of the work ourselves with some help from family and friends.

Over the years we have added to this room.My husband made the candelabra over the table on a whim he said to he was bored and did I have any thing I wanted him to make I showed him a small photo of the candelabra and he made me one. The tine on the table is also his handy work.

The dresser is a favourite piece, at the moment I have some lovely Italian plates displayed on it. Sometimes I give the dresser a more minimal look but things just keep creeping back.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Front Door

When I opened my front door this morning this is what I saw. It was very cold here over night just 3degrees

Friday, April 22, 2011


When I turned the big 50 I decided not to have anything in my house that meant hard work and too much cleaning ( I had been done that road before ) When we renovated I thought long and hard about putting in my dream a chandelier. I went ahead much too the dismay of my family. Today I was on the ladder giving my chandelier it's monthly clean and thought this hasn't turned into a decorating disaster but a real pleasure I use it everyday and just love it. So if you want a chandelier in your bathroom just do it.


Very nicely done

This is my favourite space seems to have a little more warmth to it.

Don't like this kitchen at all.

Love the quirk bits in this bedroom
I really feel a house needs a sense of fun


This house was built in the 80's oh how I so wanted to build there back then but it was so out of our price range. The owner's have done great things to update the house.


I found this lovely home for sale in Millswood a suburb of Adelaide although I don't think it's me it is hard not to really appreciate the beautiful style very now