Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Dining Room

These are the steps leading into my Kitchen. The sliding doors on the left lead out to an undercover outdoor entertaining area

My powder room leads off the dining room The vanity is I painted in milk paint I love it's soft mottled look

The Mirror is the third I've had in this room (the last one fell off the wall when it's hanging wire broke )

The clock I painted

This isn't a particularly good photo but it's off a replica cannon (one of 4 my husband made )

The table was originally our outdoor table ( made by hubby ) when we built the room I wanted it brought inside we have had so many fabulous diners around this table with it seating as many as 14 people.

The door on the right hand side leads to my store room and then through to the powder room.The triangular window looks up into the pine trees behind us.

The is my dinning room we built this room on 14 years ago. My husband was diagnosed with throat cancer ( he was a non smoker )and we need something else to focus on rather than the treatment and endless doctors appointments. He was exhaust a lot of the time but somehow he just keep going and I believe this really helped him to cope We did most of the work ourselves with some help from family and friends.

Over the years we have added to this room.My husband made the candelabra over the table on a whim he said to he was bored and did I have any thing I wanted him to make I showed him a small photo of the candelabra and he made me one. The tine on the table is also his handy work.

The dresser is a favourite piece, at the moment I have some lovely Italian plates displayed on it. Sometimes I give the dresser a more minimal look but things just keep creeping back.


  1. So nice to see more photos of your home! The dining room is such a great space. I am impressed you did it yourselves. Such a pretty room Karen! I love the table and how you brought it inside. Your husband made the chandelier?? wow! I am so sorry to hear of the cancer... I hope and pray he is better now.


  2. p.s. did you see my reply about the tv?!

  3. gee your DH made the candelabra on a whim !! whooo, wish he could show my DH a thing or two! Hope he is recovered now too.