Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Changing the Look

This silk ribbon embrodiery hangs on the wall in our bedroom. It is one off several I have stitched.

Our bedroom last Summer .I was sick of the curtains. I spied a replacement fabric at work ( did I mention I sell curtains ) purchased some and made new curtain s and recovered the pelment this is how it looked for winter. Off course I want to change again.

The bedhead is the first thing Graham and I made years ago. I still love it but I have purchased some fabric to have ago at an upholstered bedhead.

A view through our window

The beautiful doorway from the bedroom areas into the kitchen living areas I designed and painted it .My talented husband made it .The curved piece gave him a bit of grief as he had to laminate 6 thin pieces of wood together and then bend them . As always he worked it out he repeated the process for another door between our kitchen and laundry that one doesn't have glass inserts just solid wood.

This was my Grandma's chair

Just some trinkets.The paper weight was a gift.I'd love a more casual look for our upcoming spring summer just not sure how to get it.

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  1. Good luck with the padded headboard Karen, I know you'll love it! There are lots of good instructions on the Internet for DIY.
    Millie x