Monday, March 19, 2012

The Kitchen

This is my old kitchen in the process of demolition more than 10 years ago
I always dreamed of an English country kitchen
I wanted a timeless kitchen that I could change around with accessories as the mood suited 

My old Tasmanian oak kitchen didn't fit the bill.  The upright stove had bit the dust and I hated the tile worktops
My husband is very clever and we only had $5000 to spend and more than half of that went in new appliances.

This is part of our old pergola being joined for new worktops
My husband sanded that top for many hours to make it as beautiful as it is today

The old pantry doors

This is where the old stove stood .The new stove was under bench so new cabinetry need to be made for here.
Tomorrow I'll post some photo's of what the kitchen looks like today.

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